4 Ways to Become a Better Photographer Regardless of Your Camera


Many people think that you have to have a top of the line expensive camera with multiple lenses in order to take great photographs. While it is true that having a quality camera helps you to take better pictures, it is possible to take stunning photographs with any camera. The key to taking great pictures is to practice, to read your camera manual, and to try new things. Following these few steps will help to increase the quality of the pictures that you take.If you want to take great photographs, the first thing that you need to do is to take more pictures. Set yourself a goal of taking at least one picture each day. Being on the lookout for a picture each day will help you to teach yourself to see like a photographer. Like any hobby, photography takes practice and dedication. The reason that photographers with great equipment tend to take better pictures is that they have spent hundreds of hours practicing with their cameras and working on getting that great shot. Many amateurs pull out their camera a few times each year and expect to be able to take great photographs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. The single best way to improve your photography is to take more pictures. And with digital cameras, you don’t even have to worry about using up film.

In addition to taking a photograph each day, spend some time reading your camera manual. Whether you have a DSLR or a basic point and shoot camera, your manual will tell you all of the different things that your equipment can do. Even if you have a basic point and shoot camera it is likely that you will learn something new about it by reading your manual. Of course, you will want to read your manual with your camera nearby so that you can experiment and try the different settings and options that are available on your camera.Next, do not be afraid to try new things with your camera. Instead of shooting something straight on, try shooting from an angle. If you always shoot standing up get down on the ground and look from that point of view instead. Change a setting on your camera and watch what happens to the picture. Digital cameras offer the opportunity to try new things without any worries about wasting film or filling up a memory card too soon. So don’t be afraid to take lots and lots of pictures. Professional photographers take hundreds of photographs at a time and plan to keep only the best ones. The more you experiment and the more photographs that you take the more likely you are to learn to take better pictures.

Lastly, spend some time looking at other people’s photography. Find a photographer or a few that you admire and study their work. Pay attention to how they use light and shadows in their pictures. Try to imitate some aspect of a picture that you particularly like. At the same time, do not get discouraged. Remember that for every wonderful picture you see there are probably at least 5 or ten photographs that were deleted off of the memory card.


8oz Cotton Canvas with Dots Gloves (Sold by Dozen) – Size Mens


The cotton canvas gloves are ideal for a wide variety of general purpose lifting and handling tasks. The canvas gloves come in 3 different weights depending upon work conditions. The canvas gloves are a reliable 70% cotton, 30 % polyster fabric that helps to keep hands cool and comfortable. Applications: General Industrial Work, Refrigerated Areas, General Maintenance, Material Handling, Construction, Agricultural, Gardening/Outdoor uses.
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28214102 Type-C 5-Spoke Rear Wheel – Honda

  • Combines a great style and strength with state-of-the-art racing engineering
  • Manufacturing methods allow for a thinner wall construction effectively reducing wheel weight
  • Type-C combines technologies used in sportbike racing to create a stylish, aerodynamic wheel in a hot-forged design that is strong enough for use on all types of roads and conditions
    This product can be used with

    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-1
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-2
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-3
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-4
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-5
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-6
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-7
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-8
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-9
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-10
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-11
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-12
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-13
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-14
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-15
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-16
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-17
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-18
    Honda CBR1100XX 99-04 TC5SRWH-19
    Honda CBR1100 X-11 99-04 TC5SRWH-19
    Honda CBR900RR 00-03 TC5SRWH-20
    Honda CBR929RR 00-03 TC5SRWH-20
    Honda CBR954RR 00-03 TC5SRWH-20
    Honda RC51 TC5SRWH-21
    Honda VTR1000 SP
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‘¿Donde está la ayuda?’ (ayuda a víctimas del huracán ‘Mitch’ en Centroamérica)(TT: ‘Where is the aid?’) (TA: aid to the victims of hurricane ‘Mitch’ in Central America): An article from: Semana


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Citation Details
Title: ‘¿Donde está la ayuda?’ (ayuda a víctimas del huracán ‘Mitch’ en Centroamérica)(TT: ‘Where is the aid?’) (TA: aid to the victims of hurricane ‘Mitch’ in Central America)
Publication: Semana (Magazine/Journal)
Date: November 26, 1998
Publisher: Spanish Publications, Inc.
Volume: v5 Issue: n301 Page: p8(1)

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1998 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk Oil Cooler


1998 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk Oil Cooler

Motorcycle Oil Coolers are either configured as a radiator style cooler with cooling fins, or an intercooler that fits between the engine block and the spin on oil filter. In either case, the Oil Cooler increases the engines ability to dissipate heat. The Condition of this part is Used.

This item will be straight and will not leak. Due to the location of this part on the bike, cosmetic imperfections are considered normal wear, but will not effect the performance of the part.

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