28214102 Type-C 5-Spoke Rear Wheel – Honda

  • Combines a great style and strength with state-of-the-art racing engineering
  • Manufacturing methods allow for a thinner wall construction effectively reducing wheel weight
  • Type-C combines technologies used in sportbike racing to create a stylish, aerodynamic wheel in a hot-forged design that is strong enough for use on all types of roads and conditions
    This product can be used with

    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-1
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-2
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-3
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-4
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-5
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-6
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-7
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-8
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-9
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-10
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-11
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-12
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-13
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-14
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-15
    Honda CBR600RR 03-04 TC5SRWH-16
    Honda CBR1000RR 04-06 TC5SRWH-17
    Honda CBR600RR 05-06 TC5SRWH-18
    Honda CBR1100XX 99-04 TC5SRWH-19
    Honda CBR1100 X-11 99-04 TC5SRWH-19
    Honda CBR900RR 00-03 TC5SRWH-20
    Honda CBR929RR 00-03 TC5SRWH-20
    Honda CBR954RR 00-03 TC5SRWH-20
    Honda RC51 TC5SRWH-21
    Honda VTR1000 SP
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